Trailer till 7×17

Trailer till nästa veckas avsnitt som är 7×17 – The Born-Again Identity.



Vad tyckte ni om 7×16?


Nu borde väl de flesta ha sett avsnitt 7×16 – Out with the old?!

Vad tyckte ni om avsnittet? Vad var bra, vad var mindre bra?

Spoiler om Cass & intervju med Misha

En spoiler från E! Online om hur Castiel kommer att vara när vi får se honom i nästa veckas avsnitt.

Tom in East Islip, N.Y.: Anything you can tell us about Misha Collins’ return to Supernatural?
It just so happens that we chatted with Mr. Collins about his highly-anticipated reappearance as the much-beloved Castiel. While you’ll have to wait until next week for our full chat with him (we’re such teases), we will share this: Collins describes Castiel’s new look as “nerdy” and says he based his voice on Miley Cyrus. Yeah, we think he was joking about the Miley thing, but you just never know with Supernatural now do you?


En intervju med Misha som Zap2it har gjort:

When ”Supernatural” fan favorite character Castiel was written out of the series at the beginning of Season 7, fans were understandably upset. We got tons of comments, tweets, and emails from Castiel fans who never quite got the closure that they felt their character deserved.

Now that Misha Collins is returning to the series as a guest star (his first episode airs March 23), we couldn’t help but wonder if this three-episode arc was setting fans up for that ”closure” they’d sought. We think you’ll be relieved by his answer.

”I haven’t seen the final episode [script],” Collins tells Zap2it. ”If, by closure, you mean salting and burning the bones, and permanently, irrevocably, eradicating the character — then no. That is not the case.”

Collins certainly has his finger on the pulse of the fans’ reaction to Castiel, but for his part, he didn’t feel that Castiel was carelessly discarded in the early episodes of this season.

”You know, it was amazing when that term ‘closure’ was bandied about,” he says. ”Some fans that I talked to were upset that Cas didn’t maybe get a proper burial or a proper period of mourning. I kind of don’t really agree with that.” Collins saw the demise of Castiel as a full arc, the cornerstone being the Castiel-centric ”Man Who Would Be King” episode at the end of Season 6.

”I think Cas had been on a road of death, and there was a mourning going on for him for the entire last several episodes, which happened to bleed over into season 7,” he explains. By the time Castiel walked into that lake, the mourning had already occurred. ”Cas, as everyone knew him, had been gone for some time by that point.”

That said, he hopes that Castiel fans who were displeased with the exit will be more satisfied with this arc. ”I think that Cas is getting his due attention at the end of Season 7, if that’s what they’re looking for,” he notes.

As for what’s in store for Castiel beyond these three episodes, we’ll have to wait to watch — but Collins does tell us that he’s enjoying his time on set and wouldn’t be averse to sticking around. When we asked him if he’d be interested in being a part of Season 8, assuming that The CW picks it up, he said eagerly, ”I would, actually. I had that conversation with Sera [Gamble] and Bob [Singer] recently, and told them ‘Hey, just so you know, I would love to keep working on the show.'”

The fans would certainly love to have him!


Ser ni fram emot att återigen få se Castiel? Har ni saknat honom?

The Road so far – säsong 7

Någon som har funderat på att kolla på alla 15 avsnitt av säsong 7 innan vi får ett nytt färskt avsnitt på lördag?

Om ni inte orkar med det så kan ni istället kolla in denna videon, där ett fan har sammanfattat det som vi har sett av säsong 7 hittills.

Hur mycket av det kommer ni ihåg? Vilket avsnitt har varit bäst hittiils?


Bilder från 7×17

Bilder från avsnitt 7×17 – The Born-Again Identity. Det sänds nästa vecka 23 Mars i USA.



Ny promo för 7×16

En ny promo för avsnitt 7×16 – Out with the Old. Inte världens bästa kvalitet, men man ser ju i alla fall.


Avsnittstitlar för 7×22 & 7×23

Titlarna för de två sista avsnitten har nu kommit ut. I nuläget så har de fått namnen:

7×22 – There Will Be Blood

7×23 – Get Dick


The Sexiest Sci-Fi Stars

TV Guide har listat de sexigaste Sci-fi stjärnorna och våran Jensen finns på första plats.

Photo Gallery: The Sexiest Sci-Fi Stars
Michael Muller/The CW
1) Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)
”By far the sexiest man on the planet. His lips are the most perfect lips I’ve seen, and then there’s that body – long, lean and perfectly muscled. He’s not the sexiest sci-fi star, he’s the sexiest man alive.” (lacy215)
Som om inte det var bra nog, så hittar vi även våran Jared på andra plats.
Photo Gallery: The Sexiest Sci-Fi Stars
2) Jared Padalecki (Supernatural)
”Jared Padalecki is smokin’ hot! He’s tall and has an incredible smile and dimples, not to mention his beautiful hair. He’s the total package – gorgeous looks, smokin body and an awesome sense of humor.” (jennyluvsjared)
Vill ni se vilka mer som finns på listan så kan ni klicka HÄR.

Bilder från 7×16

Bilder från avsnitt 7×16 – Out with the Old, där Dean blir drabbad av en förbannelse av ett par ballerina skor efter att en ballerina har dansat sig till döds.



Klipp från 7×16

Äntligen ett klipp från nästa veckas avsnitt 7×16 – Out with the old.


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