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Trailers inför 7×02 – ”Hello Cruel World”

Trailers och förhandsklipp inför 7×02 finns nu att beskåda:


Sneak Peak från the CW:



Supernatural Convention i Danmark?!

Supernatural Conventions har änså länge varit ganska långt från oss uppe i Norden, med Tyskland som det närmaste och därför har några tjejer tagit tag i saken och försöker få till en Supernatural Convention i Danmark.

Om ni vill hålla er uppdaterade och dela med er av era åsikter eller bara visa att ni stödjer tjejerna kan ni följa dem:

Twitter: @MySPNsiteDK

Säsong 7- Avsnitt 1 – Diskussion

Jag vet att det är några dagar sedan avsnitt 1 hade premiär, men tyvärr har jag inte haft tid att uppdatera förens nu.

Vad tyckte ni om det första avsnittet?

Förhandstitt på 7×01

The CW har släppt en första förhandstitt på avsnitt 1 från säsong 7.

Avsnittet sänds den 23 September i USA.


AOL TV: Supernatural Spoiler hösten -11

AOL har spoilers för alla serier från the CW som kommer i höst, det om Supernatural kan ni läsa här:


On Bobby’s arc this season (and rumors of his house being destroyed): “I’ve done five of the first six episodes. There are changes involving Bobby’s house, but not necessarily [destruction]. I was in Bobby’s house set a couple of days ago, as a matter of fact. One thing I’ve learned, in life as well as on ‘Supernatural,’ is that whatever you expect, it’ll be different.”

On a potential love interest: “Bobby has a very nice time in episode 6, a better time than he’s had in the previous episodes he’s been in. I won’t go so far as to commit to what it was, but I think the fans will love it — I liked it a lot!”

On comparisons between season seven and ‘Butch and Sundance’: “The real ‘Butch Cassidy’ connection is that in that movie, they kept looking back at the bad guys chasing them going ‘who are those guys?’ and there’s a lot of that, because Sam and Dean and Bobby are faced with something they’ve never seen before and their usual tools and tricks and weapons don’t work so well. We picked up this show in season one with the boys knowing what they were after and what they were dealing with; now they’re learning all over again. But we’re fairly innovative fellas, so we find new ways and new things.”

On Castiel’s link to the new big bad: “Everything Cas did toward the end of the season is going to pay off in very specific ways with this new villainy. The big bad comes directly from what Cas was doing.”

‘Supernatural’ Season 7 premieres Fri., Sept. 23 at 9PM ET on The CW


Officiell beskrivning av 703 från the CW

Beskrivningen av 7×03 – The Girl Next Door, detta avsnittet har regisserats av Jensen Ackles.

7.03 — “The Girl Next Door”

JENSEN ACKLES DIRECTS — Dean (Jensen Ackles) is furious after Sam (Jared Padalecki) disappears to follow a lead on a case with clues that are identical to a case Sam solved as a kid. The demon turns out to be Amy (guest star Jewel Staite), who has been killing low-life thugs and taking their brains for dinner – the same demon Sam found as a kid.

Jensen Ackles directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin (#701).


Avsnittet kommer att sändas den 7 oktober i USA.


Supernatural – Returning Favorites

Supernatural finns med i TV Guide Magazines bilaga Returning Favorites.

Innehåller spoilers inför kommande säsongen.


Officiell beskrivning av 702 från the CW

Även om inte det första avsnittet har sänts än så har ändå The CW släppt beskrivningen av avsnitt 2. Som kommer sändas 30 September i USA:


7.02 — “Hello, Cruel World”

SAM HAS FLASHBACKS FROM HELL — Castiel (Misha Collins) continues to struggle with the burdens that come with his new-fangled power. The broken wall in Sam’s (Jared Padalecki) head causes him to have hallucinations, and he has difficulty discerning what’s real and what’s not. Bobby (Jim Beaver) worries that Dean is beginning to stumble under the weight of fighting Castiel and keeping an eye on Sam.

Guy Bee directed the episode written by Ben Edlund. (#702).


Säsong 6 släppt i USA

Idag släpps säsong 6 på DVD i USA. Ironiskt nog så är det idag även 6 år sedan som det allra första avsnittet sändes.

Vi här i Sverige får vänta tills den 7 December innan vi får se säsong 6 på DVD. Ni kan redan nu förhandsboka DVDn.

Jensen intervju m. TV Guide

Jensen Ackles Previews Supernatural Season 7

Jensen Ackles

To the delight of Supernatural‘s fans, the CW horror show — TV Guide Magazine‘s first Fan Favorite cover last year — is returning to its seventh season on Friday, September 23. ”This year,” says executive producer Sera Gamble, ”we were really inspired by one of our touchstone movies when we think about Dean [Jensen Ackles] and Sam [Jared Padalecki] and their relationship — Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. We wanted to pit them against a force that’s much greater than them with great resources and take away the tools that Sam and Dean are used to having. They feel outmatched and cornered. It’s very much a thriller.” With that in mind, TV Guide Magazine caught up with Ackles for more scoop on the upcoming season.

TV Guide Magazine: Congratulations. Your little show is about to start its seventh season. Can you believe it?
Jensen Ackles: No, I can’t. It was unbelievable we made Season 5, then 6, now we’re doing 7 and they’re already looking into the future of 8, so I’m just like, ”What?” It’s not gonna be, ”Sam, get me the salt and the gun.” It’s gonna be, ”Sam, throw me my walker!”

TV Guide Magazine: Where does Season 7 start?
Ackles: It’s a direct pick-up from where we left off [in May]. Castiel [Misha Collins] looks at Sam and Dean and tells them that they’re essentially ants in the scheme of things. Now that he’s God, he has no need for them and to stay out of his way… When they track Cas down, they realize that when he took in all those monsters souls from purgatory, there were much older things that got into him as well. There’s a new, basically unknown, enemy in the world. It’s something that the guys have never dealt with.

TV Guide Magazine: That doesn’t sound good.
Ackles: No. [laughs] We’re going to start taking things away from Sam and Dean that they’ve relied on in their hunter life. There’s no lore to help them out and no book to tell them what to do. Bobby [Jim Beaver] throws his hands in the air. At one point they might even have to stash the Impala, because it’s too recognizable. The lead problem this year, is that all their little tricks that they’ve used to exist, credit card fraud and gambling, those are ways for this evil to track them down. It poses a bit of a challenge for the boys. They throw everything they can at Sam and Dean and they have to wriggle their way out.

TVGuide Magazine: We know Crowley [Mark A. Sheppard] is back. What’s the King of Hell up to?
Ackles: He’s been hiding from Cas, who was his partner. There is a little ”I’ll help you if you help me” going on.

TVGuide Magazine: Who else is back?
Ackles: Death [Julian Richings] is in the season opener. He’s the one that gives Sam and Dean the information they need about Cas and the new evil that will loom over the guys for the first half of the season. There’s more than one. They could be anywhere. They don’t only want to kill the brothers, they want to take over the planet.

TV Guide Magazine: So the boys have to save the world again?
Ackles: Yes, they’re essentially going to have to save the world again.

TV Guide Magazine: Isn’t Sam still struggling with the breakdown of the wall in his brain that kept away his memories from Hell?
Ackles: Definitely. He’s getting these flashbacks from Hell now that the wall that Death built is crumbling. There are visions and hauntings. It’s almost like he has to overcome a drug problem. Dean and Bobby are very concerned because he checks out every now and then.

TV Guide Magazine: Now that Dean is single again, will he go back to being catnip for the ladies?
Ackles: Well, in one episode I do walk into a bar and hit on a waitress and say how it’s been a long time! I don’t know that there’s going to be a lot of room for that. [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: You’re directing your second episode. When will it air and was it easier this time around?
Ackles: It will air third [October 7] It was much more challenging than last year. There was a lot of story going on. And flashbacks. [This time] it’s a one-off. Sam takes off on his own. He catches a case that he’s familiar with back from 1998. He was left home to do research while Dad and Dean were off hunting creatures, and he wound up running into the creatures himself. He had to make a very tough decision when he meets a girl and he’s smitten. Now he’s tracking her as a grown up. We have a really cool guest star playing her — Jewel Staite, who I’ve known since she was on Firefly.

TV Guide We hear the hunter Jo [Alona Tal] is returning, despite her death back in Season 5.
Ackles: She’s brought back as kind of a materialized blast from the past when Dean is put on trial by an ancient Egyptian god who calls a few witnesses to the stand. It’s a heartwarming scene between the two of them.


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