Intervju: Lindsey McKeon aka Tessa

Ännu en intervju från denna gången är det Lindsey McKeon som spelar Tessa the Reaper i tre avsnitt som har tagit sig tid att svara på frågor.

The second in the series of guest star interviews is the lovely and talented Lindsey McKeon who is best known to us as the sensitive but very savvy reaper, Tessa who has appeared in three episodes of the “Supernatural” series…so far.  I say ‘so far’, because Tessa is one of the few characters that is still alive on the series…at least as ‘alive’ as a reaper can be.

How did you get the role of Tessa? Were auditions held for the role or were you contacted? 

I first auditioned for the role of Tessa years ago in LA.  For the last two episodes they’ve called and asked for my availability, explaining that they were interested in writing Tessa into an upcoming script.

Tessa appears to have been inspired from the character, Death, in Neil Gaiman’s ”Sandman” comic books. Were you aware of this before you accepted the part?  Did it influence the way you prepared for the role?

Unfortunately I’ve never read comic books… Well, that’s a lie, I do remember my next door neighbor growing up having a MAD magazine but that’s about as far as I got in the comic book world, though all the Marvel hype fascinates me!

During “In My Time of Dying,” Tessa has three personas: a young woman, a Reaper, and eventually Azazel. Which was the most difficult to portray?

Probably Azazel because it wasn’t me…

The episode’s pivotal scene in which Tessa explains to Dean the difficult choice of either coming with her or remaining trapped in limbo as an angry spirit is one of the most powerful moments of the story. What was it like to prepare for, rehearse and shoot the scene?

I think that’s such a poignant lesson for not only Dean but for all humans.  We all have choices in our lives, pivotal moments where we can choose freedom and joy over anger, even if life or a situation doesn’t go as planned.  These choices have a lasting and ”eternal” affect…   

With a scene like this, and as an actor, it’s my responsibility and joy to delve into the character as deeply as I can.

After your debut back in “In My Time of Dying”, were you surprised to be asked to reprise your role in season four’s “Death Takes a Holiday” and last fall’s “Appointment at Samarra?”

I think I’m always pleasantly surprised when I get a call to ”come back” as Tessa or anybody else… With this business, you never know if your last job was in fact, your last job.  So yes, it’s always a blessing!

You’ve shared most of your scenes on the show with Jensen including a kiss. What is it like working with him?

I love working with Jensen.  He’s easy to work with, fun and good at his job!


In ”Death Takes a Holiday,” Tessa seemed to develop a soft spot for Dean and was very gentle and caring towards him. Was that sensitivity something you consciously did yourself or something the script already called for?

I think there’s always a sensitivity that Tessa has, it’s just whether or not it’s appropriate to be used to get her job done.  Tessa always has a mission to accomplish, and completing that task -to her- is the most important thing.  In “Death Takes a Holiday” she’s working with a child, naturally that brings up a softer side.

While Tessa was more sympathetic towards Dean in the first two episodes, she seemed more upset towards him in “Appointment in Samarra.” Did your approach to the role change when you realized this time, Tessa was to be the right-hand for Death?

No, I don’t believe that realizing Tessa was death’s right hand woman had anything to do with the approach I took.  If in any way it did, it was only to take my ”job” even more seriously.  

Tessa was a bit more stern with Dean in this episode, like a parent is at times with their child, and she did what she needed to do in order to inspire him.  To get him to stop playing around and to take what they were doing seriously.  After all, it was Dean who asked for this lesson…

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