Intervju med Todd Stashwick

Supernatural Ryssland har gjort en intervju med Todd Stashwick. Todd spelar Dracula i avsnittet; ”Monster Movie.”

Could you tell us something about yourself so the Russian fans could get to know you better?

I’m a huge fan of Charlie Chaplin, actually Chaplin is my son’s middle name. I love Coney Island. I love horror and Science Fiction. Soul Coughing is one of my favorite bands.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m a family man that likes to act, tell stories, surf and play video games.

Why did you choose to be an actor?

At a very young age I enjoyed making people laugh. Acting was a way to make a living at something I already loved doing.

Are you from an acting family?


How did you first hear about “Supernatural”?

Saw a commercial for it on TV.

How did you end up auditioning for this show?

My manager called and asked if I could look and sound like Bela Lugosi. She said Supernatural is casting the role of Dracula. I said that sounds like fun.

You were simply fantastic in the “Monster Movie” episode of “Supernatural”. What was the worst complication during the filming of “Supernatural”?

My biggest worry was catching my cape on the wheels of the vespa and choking myself.

Most difficult scenes to shoot?

Fight scenes are always tricky. If you saw the bloopers from that episode you’ll notice Jensen and I had a mis-hap.

Your favorite moments in this episode?

I loved walking around the set also the scene where I’m going to electrocute Jensen was fun. The pizza scene was fun too.

Could you share with us any funny stories that happened with you on the set of Supernatural”, maybe funny bloopers?

Jensen and I laughed alot. We were both dressed ridiculously.
At one point we were doing a scene where I was about to bite his neck. I have these fangs and I look at him and said “We are both grown men.” He busted up.

Having worked for this show, you got to know main leads Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Please tell us your impressions about them. Jensen once said in an interview that he’s better in comedies. It seems Jared thinks otherwise about himself. If you had an opportunity to work in one project with Jared or Jensen, who do you prefer for a comedy? And for a drama?

They are both great, easy going guys. I loved working with them. I had done a pilot with Jared years ago. It was drama. He was a kid, like 17, he was great back then. I’d work with both of them again anytime in any capacity. They are both talented guys who can flow from comedy to drama with ease.

As we know you and Jensen Ackles worked together in “Dark Angel” season 2, episode “Boo”. Please tell us about that time. Your character Sally is pretty weird even for “Dark Angel” people. I’m sure there were a lot of funny moments on the set those days. Did you talk to Jensen about working on “Dark Angel” during “Supernatural” filming?

I don’t think we worked on the same episode of Dark Angel. In fact I didn’t even know he was on that show till after I did Supernatural. I worked mainly with Jessica Alba and Kevin Durrand.

From various interviews, we know that Jared and Jensen like to play pranks on set. Have you been one of their victims? If yes what about payback? Have you ever prank your colleagues on other sets?

They never pranked me. I’m sure it was out of fear of retribution. I’m kidding.

Do you prefer to play keeping strictly to the scenario or are you one of those actors who is always eager to contribute to the character image? We heard that Jensen Ackles, for example, contributes his own ideas to the script during the actual filming, and that these ideas often blend in successfully with the big picture. Has it ever happened with you in “Monster Movie”?

As far as Monster Movie goes they let me really do my own thing. the director, Bob Singer, really trusted me and gave me a whole lot of room to play. I never change the words. The scripts are always great. When I was on the Riches, I was a series regular and was in a very collaborative place with the writers.

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